Temple Grandin is many things, but typical is not one of them. This TED talk integrates my two deepest interests that aren’t hugely involved in my academic study: education and autism spectrum disorders. While this particular message from Temple Grandin doesn’t have an extraordinary amount to do with research per se, it communicates an idea and a perspective on ASDs that I find applicable to many walks of life, particularly academic science. I believe our society, whether we admit it or not, has an implicit drive for homogeneity when it comes to success in academia. To be a prolific and successful figure, you must go to school for many many years, approach problems in the agreed upon fashion, and accomplish your goals in a similar way to your peers. Temple Grandin has an astonishingly impressive list of accomplishments, but remarkably differs from her peers in stark, almost shocking ways. I believe that embracing different minds, methods, and motives can not only expand the potential of science. but enhance areas in which we may have become complacent.